3-axis Gesture Controlled Relay


  • Gesture Controlled Relay Switch using 3-axis Gyroscope Arduino DIY kit
  • Arduino UNO
  •  MPU6050 Gyro sensor
  • 2 channel relay Module
  • Jumper wires(Male to Female) * 7


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This project is a hand gesture controlled relay switch that can be controlled by giving a different type of hand gesture to control any kind of home appliances like TV, lights, Fans, etc…   which is a 3-axis Accelerometer and 3-axis Gyroscope sensor and the controller part is Arduino UNO.

The 2 Channel Relay Module is a convenient board that can be used to control high voltage, high current loads such as motor, solenoid valves, lamps, and AC load. It is designed to interface with microcontrollers such as Arduino, PIC and etc. … It also comes with a LED to indicate the status of the relay.


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