Automatic Watering System IoT DIY Kit


  • Soil Moisture Sensor and Automatic Watering
  • Automatic Watering System for Plants with IoT Monitoring
    and Notification
  • Using the Blynk  API Soil Moisture level can be monitored.
  • Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Bread Board
  • NodeMCU
  • Single Channel Relay Module
  • Submersible DC Motor Pump (3-6V )
  • Jumper Wire


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This project is based on the Real-Time soil moisture monitoring and autonomous watering system using Node MCU, soil moisture sensor”. With the soil moisture, we will be able to measure soil moisture with a very fair degree of accuracy. For this project, we will be using NodeMCU, soil moisture sensor, relay module, and BLYNK IoT dashboard.

Automatic Watering System for Plants with IoT Monitoring
and Notification

This is a simple kit you learn how to interface rain water or soil moisture level sensor with nodemcu esp8266-12e WiFi module. Monitoring the status of your garden over WiFi earns the project title of smart garden. We will monitor rain and moisture level composition of soil. User can see the status of his/her garden now on his desktop or mobile. Simple and popular moisture level sensor is used in the project.

In normal condition no charge flows through the legs because the circuit is open. As soon as we insert the legs in ground the moisture in ground lowers the resistance between legs and depending on the moisture level the voltage flows between the completed circuit. If moisture composition is high resistance between legs will be low and more voltage comes across legs. If moisture level is low little voltage will flow across the legs.


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