2-axis Robotic Arm using by MPU-6050​


  • Simple 2-axis Servo Robotic Arm controlled by MPU-6050​
  • Arduino UNO x 1
  • MPU6050 Gyro sensor ​x 1
  • Micro Serov SG90 x 2
  • Pan and Tilt Kit x 1
  • Breadboard​ (Male to Female x 4)
  • (Male to Male x 8)



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A Robot is a virtually intelligent agent capable of carrying out tasks with help of some supervision. In this project, we design a robotic arm which is very much similar to a human hand using an MPU-6050 (gyroscope) module to calibrate the position and motion of the hand and emulate it on the 2-axis servo robot. The servos are motors that rotate to a certain degree and we can program it to do certain movements to give the bunny robot a life-like feel.
So here in this project, we are designing a simple and interesting 2axis robotic arm using an MPU6050 module and sg90 hobbyist servo. We’ll also be learning how to communicate with each module with the Arduino and programming.


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